The Unrivaled Auto Air Conditioning Repair Services in Coquitlam


Do you know that failing auto air conditioning can deny you the comfort of traveling in style? Your only hope is trust in repair experts who know every bit of auto A/C systems. It is your lucky day because Jem Grip Auto & Tire are the top A/C service and repair experts in BC. Our dedication is to bring comfort into your vehicle and make ready to face all seasons.

Get to know us

While we go full circle in auto repairs and services, Air conditioning has been our mainstay specialization. Years of experience servicing BC auto owners have given us an edge over the competition, and we are proudly a household name. We emphasize on quality parts and services and guarantee you pocket-friendly prices. With our cutting edge technology and a team of certified experts, we have a solution to every A/C challenge for your vehicle. No matter your auto model and its problem, we are going to match up the challenge.

When you feel that your vehicle’s A/C is not working at its best, we are only a call away. We will break down the problem and give you a free quote. When your car leaves our gates, it will be in a showroom condition.

Why choose Jem Grip Auto Tire

In BC, we are the go-to shop for all auto repair needs. In particular, our A/C repair services have earned us a name all over Canada, and customers cross borders to come to us. We are the hands you can trust and here is why choosing us should be the most natural choice;

  • Our experience in auto air conditioning makes us the undisputed leader in the industry. Come to us, and we will solve all your problems with ease.
  • Fair prices guarantee. Whatever quote our competitors give you, we beat it. Quality and affordability are enshrined in our service charter.
  • Same-day services. We work so hard that you will not have to wait for your car. In most cases, you will pick your ride the same day you bring it to us. Besides, we are very transparent with our charges, and you never pay for anything you do not get.
  • Excellent customer service. We know how to treat and win over your loyalty. Our staff knows what you need and will work tirelessly to exceed your expectations.

Our complete package of A/C Repair Services

We are BCs unbeatable auto Air con experts. Our range of services shows how advanced and serious we are when it comes to taking care of your ride. Take a look;

  • System debugging
  • Full A/C repairs
  • Performance diagnosis
  • Filter replacement
  • A/C gas recharge

Come to the Auto Cooling Experts

Traveling in comfort should not be a luxury. With your auto A/C regularly serviced and repaired by Jem Grip Auto Tire experts, you will smoothly transition through seasons. We are open from Monday to Saturday. Call for scheduling or come to us at 1045 Lougheed Hwy Coquitlam. We promise to smash your expectations and make you our loyal customer.


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