If you want your car to stay in top shape, maintaining it should become part of your regular routine. Every season has its own stresses for your car, and you should do seasonal maintenance to prepare yourself to withstand these climate changes.


Freezing temperatures, in particular, can have a large impact on your car’s performance, especially if you skip the routine maintenance checks. The shift to spring temperatures can also have an effect.


The wear and tear that cold weather brings put your car at risk. Bringing your car in for routine maintenance as cool weather approaches can help prevent weather-related issues or damage. As temperatures warm up, you should check on several things in order to keep your car at its optimal functional capacity.


Springtime Maintenance Tips


Check fluids and oil: Owners often do a fluid and oil check as winter nears, but springtime checks are just as important. It’s the ideal time to do a transmission flush and change out the brake fluid, window washing fluid, and coolant. Oil filters should also be cleaned or replaced at this time.


Tire change: Your winter tires are not suitable for spring and summer weather, so you’ll want to change them out for tires that offer more traction on wet spring roads. Be sure to inspect your tires and wheels to see if they need any attention, or need to be replaced, in order to avoid accidents.


Inspect brakes: Brakes should be checked to make sure they are functioning properly and that the pads and rotors are in good condition. Brake fluid should also be checked. The wheel alignment and suspension should be inspected, as roads can be rough as potholes bigger following harsh winter conditions.


Remove residue and salt: Salt, sand, and other road residues from winter driving can build up on your car’s undercarriage, resulting in damage. Have your car detailed, including the exterior, the undercarriage, the engine, and the interior.


An auto repair shop will have trained workers who will perform these services properly. They can also perform evaluations of other parts of the car that most car owners overlook, such as clamps, belts, hoses, and other neglected parts. These parts of your car are some of the most frequently seen failures on cars, but these failures are easily prevented with proper inspections and routine maintenance.


By having the various parts of your car inspected each season and having routine or preventative maintenance done, you can prevent a potential issue from ever becoming a problem. This means you won’t be left stranded by the roadside, waiting for a tow truck and wishing you’d done the preventative maintenance when you had the chance.


It will also keep your car in optimum operating condition, giving you better performance, better gas mileage, lower repair costs in the long run, and a car that can last you a very long time.


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