Selecting the correct tire for your vehicle and location


Tires are all made a little differently, with separate and specific goals in mind. They are constructed very similarly, but differ with each brand and style. What you drive and where you drive will ultimately decide what kind of tires you will need to purchase. Your local experts at Jem Grip Auto are here to tell you why buying the right tires is important, and what makes each style and brand different.

Top quality tire brandsWhat Makes Up A Tire?

To understand how each tire differs, you need to understand the basics of tires. Tires are constructed with a tread, sidewall, bead, casing, and belt system.  You are likely familiar with the tread and the sidewall of the tire, the areas that you commonly inspect and keep an eye on. Look closely at the edge of the tire that meets the rim, and you will be looking at the bead, or seam that secures the tire to the wheel. Beyond these visible components there is a casing and a belt system that gives the tires its durability and structural support.

Different Materials

Everyone knows their tires are made of rubber. However, that rubber can be dramatically different in chemical makeup depending on the different materials that are combined when making it. This means each tire will have different heat tolerances, densities, lifespans, and other important characteristics that determine how the tire will perform.

Sturdy winter tiresConstruction

Each tire manufacture has a “tried and true” method of constructing their tires. One of the most important steps in this process is the manufacturing of the tire’s casing. The casing lies beneath the tread and the sidewalls, and it provides all of the structural support for the tire. The casing is traditionally woven together in separate layers known as a “ply”. Each ply is made up of metal and rubber threads. To be of a high quality, each ply needs to be lightweight, strong, flexible, and durable. The way in which the plies themselves are woven, and how the plies are formed together, will heavily determine a tire’s overall value.

Choosing the Right Tire

Finding the right tire is a matter of knowing what you need. First consider the size of your wheels, the weather in your area, and the terrain (are there hills, mud, gravel, or all flat asphalt). Between these three factors you can narrow down a style of tire that fits your needs best. For example, someone who lives in Vancouver will need a durable tire that is designed for water displacement on extremely wet roads. Secondly, you want to find out what manufactures make the style of tire that you are looking for. Ask for diagrams or information on the construction of each tire, so you can make an educated decision.

quality tires in stock

Jem Grip Auto & Tire stocks a huge selection of tires from a wide range of manufactures. We feature MAXXIS tires for those who value quality and reliability. Find a tire for almost any car, truck, SUV, ATV, motorcycle, lawn and garden equipment, trailers, and more. Trust your local experts to help you pick out the right style for the right price.


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