Are your brakes trying to tell you something? Is there a squeal or grind that was not there a few weeks ago? Does it feel different when you press the brake pedal? Then your brakes are trying to send you a message and we are here to tell you what that message might be. Before you take off to the mountains for that summer road trip, let us help you make sure your brakes are ready to keep you safe on your drive.


Noisy Brakes

mechanic garages near meIf your brakes are making any kind of noise, it is definitely time to have them checked. Brake pads are designed with a small strip of metal that scrapes against the rotor when the pads start to wear down. When the indicator scrapes and makes a noise, it is your cue that you need new brake pads and to have your rotors checked. Letting the noise go on too long not only causes damage to your brake pads, but also damages your rotors and calipers as well.


While you will definitely will need to replace your brake pads, you only need to replace the rotors if they cannot be turned on a lathe due to large grooves or have already been turned numerous times and are getting thin. Never skimp when it comes to your brakes, as they are the biggest safety feature your vehicle has. You definitely do not want to be enjoying a drive around a steep mountain road only to find your brakes are not working as they should.


Brake Pedal Concerns


If you put your foot on the brake pedal to stop and it goes to the floor, immediately make an appointment to get your brakes checked. Brake systems are a closed, pressurized system, and this will only happen if there is a leak in the system, which is very unsafe. The leak could be in the master cylinder, brake line or a caliper, all of which could lead to complete brake failure. Never drive a vehicle that you do not feel safe driving, it is always better to have it towed for your safety.


While your vehicle cannot talk, it will do its best to tell you when it needs something, especially when it comes to brakes. Pay attention to your car, truck, SUV, crossover or minivan is telling you and you can be sure it will keep you safe on any road, from city streets to mountain passes. Is your vehicle telling you it needs brake service or repair? Book an appointment online or call JEM GRiP Auto & Tire today at 604-521-8334!



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