Vehicle owners are no longer at ease especially when winter comes knocking. Even areas that never had rough cold seasons, they are now dealing with ice and snow. That means one thing; you always have to be ready for a worse winter than the previous.

We at Jemgripautotire know the nasty experiences and disappointment that come with every cold season. That is why we want you to stay ahead of the mess with our proven and tested cocktail of winter auto maintenance. Read on as this might be the difference between a night spent in the cold or getting home to the warmth of your bed.

 Regularly check and keep the lights clean

With winter comes reduced visibility. At times you will not see the next guy 3 or so meters from your car’s front. This is an increasingly cause of accidents as the fog reins on the roads. To be on the safe side, keep checking the tail, front, brake, and indicator lights. Make sure they are all working properly. Clean out all the grime every once in a while.

Keep tabs on tire pressure

For every 5ºC drop in temperature, tire pressure falls by 7kPa or an equivalent of 1 psi. Therefore, you should constantly keep checking your tire pressure. Optimum inflated tires give you better control, improved fuel economy, and they will give you longer service.


Always keep your gas above half-full tank

Falling temperatures lead to a myriad of problems in and on your vehicle. Condensation is one of such. When your fuel gas falls below half of the tank; expect some condensation to form around the walls. Water will drip into the bottom of the tank, freeze and gradually block the fuel paths. To keep all these from happening, always keep your gas more than half tank throughout the cold season.


Avoid long and excessive warming up

You were always told to leave your car idling for a few minutes before you drive it for the first time each day. Well, there is a limit to idling. When winter comes, idling is not the best thing you can do for your vehicle. It drains the battery and it is a thoughtless waste of gas. The best way to do this is gently driving your car at the beginning of your journey. Once it warms up, you are free to accelerate to top speed.


Take the exhaust for regular checks

Exhaust leakages tend to be notorious during the cold season. This is one of the most common reasons you find drivers stranded in the middle of the road when it gets icy and snowy. You should be proactive on these leaks. With exhaust, you had better leave everything to the professionals.



Keep your defroster and heater in working conditions

The last time you used these two is probably during last year’s winter. Make some effort to check whether they are in working conditions because you do not know when you will need them.


Wrap up

You should not be scared of winter. After all, it is a season like the rest and will keep coming year after the other. The best way to be ready for the cold season is keeping your vehicle maintained and equipped for winter. At Jemgripautotire we will winterize your vehicle and make it a top performer. With us, you can dare any kind of cold season and always be the car to beat.


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