Top 10 Things to Watch out for in Buying a used Car

Let’s be honest. New car price tags are not a favorite cup of tea for everyone. Besides, new vehicles tend to depreciate a little faster than their older brothers. It is no wonder that many people would look into buying a used car. It is a sound financial move, but one that you have to tread carefully.

Some sellers are not genuine about the reasons they are selling their car. It could be hidden repair problems that would paralyze your just-bought ride a few days into your ownership. Therefore, if you decide to go the used car way; you need a good plan or else you will bring home a lemon. Whether you are buying it from a friend, a neighbor or someone you just met; knowing the common pitfalls will definitely save your day and money.

To help you make the right decision, here are top 10 things to watch out for in buying a used car.

Set a Budget you are comfortable with

The very first consideration to buying a used car is setting your budget limits. How much are you willing to spend? You have to be careful here. The budget has to cover insurance, any repairs you may need, and any other costs that come with the purchase. Whatever you decide, it has to be something you are comfortable with. It makes no sense to buy a used vehicle and be left with no penny for gas. You can get rough estimates from used car websites, your local auto shop, or your friends. Make sure your budget is flexible because the market may not dance to your wishes.

Dealing options

Where can you buy a used car? An individual in your neighborhood or town, a private dealer or online; the options are many. You could be lucky to get someone who is ready to dispose of his/her car. This means you would not have to look for a long time. Private dealers can also be a good alternative to purchasing a used vehicle. There is a string of such dealers in every town. Finally, the internet is awash with all kinds of used car deals. In fact, you will be spoiled for choices if you decide to buy online.

Each of the ways comes with an equal share of perks and downsides. You just have to use your sixth sense before making any decision that you may regret.

What car is good for you?

Cars come in different brands and models, shapes and size. Everyone has a unique preference. What’s yours? It may seem like a straight forward decision, but it is not. There are lots of factors that come in play. It has to be a model that you can easily find an auto mechanic for. You also have to consider how expensive the repairs, spare parts are, and how easily you can get them locally.

Your dream may be to drive a prestigious European car. But can are you prepared for relative expensive spare parts? Settle for a type of car that will not give you headaches with repairs, fuel guzzling, and expensive spare parts. Your primary need is to conveniently get from point A to B. There are zillions of cars that would do just that without asking much from you.

Explore multiple options

Ever heard of the saying, “Never put all your eggs in one basket”? Well, it has some use here. When looking for a used car to buy, you are better of chasing three or four options. You will have a chance to compare and contrast from these choices. You can as well get help from your spouse or a friend to settle on one of those options. If your preferred choice hits a dead wall, you can always go back to the second offer in your pecking list.

Get a pre pre-purchase inspection from an independent repair shop

To a pedestrian, a car that glitters in a new coat of paint is a great offer. Unfortunately, the health of a used car goes beyond what you can see. In fact, as much as the exterior tells some story of a vehicle; it is what lies in the interior that matters most. To be honest, you do not know much about cars. That is why you need an inspection from an auto mechanic you can trust. The inspection will touch on the engine, transmission, exhaust, brake system, leaks, suspensions, tires, steering system, and much more.

For your pre-purchase inspection of a used vehicle, Jem Grip Auto Tire technicians know exactly what to look for and give you a smart opinion. We will not let you walk into a hole as we make sure you make the right choice of a used car.

Go for a drive test

Just because an auto mechanic gives your potential used car a thumps up that doesn’t make it the perfect ride for you. Until you sit behind the wheel and get a firsthand experience, it is just another offer in your plate of considerations. Jump into the car and take it for a test ride. While in there you can feel everything flowing through your hands. After a few miles you will be able to tell if it is the right choice for your needs.

Thoroughly check the paper work

Many people have bough stolen cars only to lose it and have the police on their backs. You can beat this hurdle by asking for the car’s papers and thoroughly checking them. Ask for the car’s registration book, the original invoice, and the taxation book. If someone can get you all these, it is definitely the certified owner of the car.

While at this, it is a good time that you get hold of the car’s history report. This will give you an insight into any title problems, ownership history, all accidents, major repairs, as well as amaintenance schedule. Do not leave anything for a chance.

Be ready to haggle

This is a used car and you can definitely bargain for a fair price. Do not shy away from quoting a price that is down by a couple of hundreds of the seller’s price. If the car will need repairs, make sure you factor all that in the final price.

Close the deal

You are about to make an irreversible decision. It is prudent that you go over you checklist to make sure this is a decision you will not regret. In the absence of any issues, it is time you go ahead and make the purchase. As it is custom when cars change ownership, there is a laid out process of closing the deal. Ownership documents will be handed to you, the previous owner should also notify his/her RTO of the transfer of ownership, and you can now drive your ride home. One thing before you can become the newest car owner in town; make sure you close the deal in the presence of a witness or two. Equally important, have everything written down for future reference.

When it feels wrong, walk away as fast as you can

You are not tied down to anything. If anything does not feel right, feel free to take a walk and explore other options. As you go out shopping, have an open mind and do not be compelled to make a same-day deal. Take time to sample as many offers as possible and you will end up making a great decision.

Wrap up

It can be stressful. It can be overwhelming. And worst of all, you can make a wrong decision that will haunt you for the rest of your life. Buying a used car is not for the faint-hearted. You have to be armed with the right information and thoroughly go over helpful resources. With the top 10 things discussed here, we hope that you will not only make a quick decision but also find the perfect used vehicle for your needs. Do not forget, Jemgripautotire is ready to do a thorough inspection on the car you settle for before you part with your dollars.
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