Time To Winter Service Your Coquitlam Vehicle

At Jem Grip Auto and Tire, we understand the need for a car to be ready for the winter. Every year, we help car owners put their vehicles in the perfect shape to face the change and challenges in weather.

Here is an assortment of services to guarantee your car not only reliability but also efficiency when the cold season comes around:

  • Transmission routine checks and repairs: transmission is the most ignored by many vehicle owners. Interestingly, it is only accorded attention when it fails. We help keep up with checks and repairs even when there is no problem at all. Being stuck in the cold snow and ice because of a failed transmission is a nightmare you should not wish for.
  • Inspect and examine your tires: as the days get shorter and the weather turns from bad to worse, your car tires could save you from a fatal accident. Worn out tires are very dangerous in the cold season. Winter tires cannot be over rated. When you least expect it winter can deliver icy road conditions that will cause your regular tires to skid. We inspect them for uneven wear and tear, cupping, side nicks and cuts. If it is new winter tires your car needs, we have them ready.
  • Checking, replacing and repairing your braking system: venturing into the cold weather with failing brakes is foolhardy. First, you are putting your life in line of danger. Secondly, you are risking very costly repairs that you could have prevented. We will never let that happen. We do thorough checks on your braking system: replace and repair anything necessary. Your car brakes are always the instant help you can turn to in the face of danger.
  • Examine and fix leaking exhaust hoses: having exhaust fumes in your cabin is deadly. That is why we give priority to examining your exhaust system in not only winter but also all seasons. We identify and seal any leakages on the floorboard and trunk.
  • Flushing and refilling the cooling system: you could do this on your own but many car owners will always forget about it. But we don’t. We periodically check the concentration, level and condition of your coolant. If it is a flush and refill you need, it is done as you wait.
  • Tires: Winter tires cannot be over rated. When you least expect it winter can deliver icy road conditions that will cause your regular tires to skid.

We also keep an eye on the tightness and condition of clamps, drive belts and hoses. Our technicians know what to do with them to give you a reliable ride in winter.

  • Tune-up your engine for top performance and drivability: cold weather magnifies your engine existing problems. Failing power, hard starts, rough idling, and stalling will be a constant headache. But not if we are your trusted auto repair shop. We will fine-tune your engine to give you a beastly performance and excellent handling.

It is every driver’s dream to have an uneventful fall and winter. What about we tell you we can guarantee that? Bring your vehicle to us and let us worry about prepping it for winter. Our experience, qualified and versatile team of technicians and passion for making every car owner happy have made Jem Grip Auto and Tire a favorite spot for many drivers.

For Winter service call Jem Grip Auto Tire today for your spring Maintenance checkup  https://www.jemgripautotire.ca/  or Click here for more Winter Auto Repair Coquitlam



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