Expert Car and Truck Air Conditioning Repairs

Truck and car air conditioning repairs are our specialty. Some quarters have compared auto air conditioning repairs to the job of a detective, as the problems with the system can be sometimes difficult to identify. Due to the complexity that is sometimes associated with identifying and subsequently repairing air conditioning systems, it is imperative that only a reputable and reliable repair shop or mechanic is contacted.

Identifying and subsequently contacting a well-versed mechanic does not only ensure that the air condition system is properly fixed, but it also ensures that no other part or system of the vehicle is damaged in the process of fixing the air conditioning system.

Factors that damage air conditioning system

Different factors could lead to the damage of air conditioning system of a car. Some of these damages include a low level of refrigerants, leakage in systems, failure of compressors and clogging in condensers. While some of these problems can be easily identified and fixed by the car owner, others require the attention of a technician for proper resolution of the issue.

5 Major components

It is also important for repairers to be familiar with five major components of the system. These components are the refrigerant, compressor, condenser, dryer or evaporator, and expansion valve. It is worth noting that instead of using expansion valves and dryers, accumulator and orifice tubes are used in some vehicles.

A good technician or mechanic will check the system for leakages without having to pull the machine parts apart. Other components of the system that will be checked in the repair process include fuses, fan belts, switches, and wires, to ensure the system is in perfect working condition.

There is a saying that repairing auto systems can be a bit expensive, as most of the parts used in repairing the process are expensive. It is therefore advised that car owners with no expertise in repairing an air-conditioning system, contact technicians to avoid spending more than they should when a part of the system is tampered with unknowingly.