Your Guide to Summertime Tire Hazards

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Your Guide to Summertime Tire Hazards Your tires run the risk of road hazards every day of the year. However, the sale of tires skyrockets in the summer months annually across the region. This is because your risks of a blowout or a flat also skyrocket during the summer. An understanding of why summer months

Coquitlam Winter Tires – Things Your Mother Never Told You

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Important facts about winter tires you ought to know Distastefully, the clock has turned to that time of the year: mercury is dropping and snowflakes become commonplace. For many Canadians, it is time to be ready for the Great white north. It is time to stock up warm clothes; prepare the fireplace and anything else

Spring Wheel Alignment Tips

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  Winter is obviously among the toughest seasons for driving conditions. It can be rough on cars themselves as well, especially in the harshest climates. Once the winter is over, there's likely a lot of wear and tear from having to drive over frozen precipitation and road salt for several months. This can greatly affect