Don’t be scared of winter driving: we help your car cope

Nobody enjoys driving during the winter months. It is a stressful experience and full of anxiety of what might happen next. But if there is something we have known, preparing your car for winter will always make the experience better. There is nothing much you can do about the weather but you can always minimize the chances of a breakdown.

For a better and safer driving, we thought our winter checklist would come handy, as you get deep into the icy weather.

Invest in winter tires

Winter is never predictable anymore. Even in areas that expect winter months to get a little wet, snow has become a yearly surprise. To package a reverse surprise for the ice and snow, install winter tires. They are specifically designed to face the slippery, foggy and tricky winter roads.

Electrics and battery

Winter will demand more from your battery. It is no wonder that over 60% winter breakdowns are battery related. If you could have your battery checked for any problems and fixed at onset of winter, your chances for breakdown significantly reduced.

Check and ascertain that your battery is charging. If you will not be using your car for a few days each week, give your battery an overnight charge. You never know when you will need the extra power to get out of messy winter weather.

Do not forget the antifreeze

Your car uses long life antifreeze. But that does not mean you will not need to check and refill it when the tide of cold weather turns. If you are having problems with the choice, we will always help you. The last problems you want are blocked engine compartments: it will be almost impossible for your car to start and it could cost you thousands of dollars to have it unblocked.

Do not drive with less than a quarter tank of fuel

Well, this is not an auto mechanic specialty but we could not stop letting you know especially when the harsh winter months lie closely ahead. The logic behind this is simple: your journey could get longer that you estimated. Snarl-ups and change of routes will always be a factor to consider.

Visibility is the first rule of the thump when driving in winter

You may have always treated it as a joke when your colleagues and your trusted auto technician tell you to remain visible when driving. This is not a joke and it even becomes more important during winter.

During the cold months, visibility could drop by 30%: sometimes you can hardly see the car in front. This is when your headlights, backlights, sidelights and indicator lights become extremely helpful. While you cannot always know your lights have a problem, bringing them for a check would go a long way to save you from a winter driving embarrassment.

Nobody knows better than Jem Grip Auto & Tire how to get your car ready for winter. Make your appointment today and let our seasoned technicians give your car a winter treat. Do not let negligence deny you a smooth ride even when the weather will give you none of it.



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