Summertime Tire Hazards and  Safety Tips

Your tires run the risk of road hazards every day of the year. However, the sale of tires skyrockets in the summer months annually across the region. This is because your risks of a blowout or a flat also skyrocket during the summer. An understanding of why summer months lead to more tire issues can help you in preventing them. Below is a basic guide to keeping your tires protected during the summer months and preventing a roadside emergency.

Heat and Sun

The summer months bring more heat, and that heat can lead to premature tire wear. Not only will the hot asphalt wear down the rubber tread faster, but the air inside the tire will warm up faster. An overinflated tire may increase in tire pressure with heat to the point that it is at a higher risk of a blowout. These blowouts are even more likely if you are traveling at highway speeds or if you hit something in the road.

The cause of the extra heat, the sun, also causes the rubber on the sides of the tires to wear down faster. If left to dry rot in the sun, the rubber will become hard and prone to failure. Keep your tires protected by rotating them often, using a rubber protectant on the tires after you wash the vehicle, and keeping them properly inflated.

Putting on the Extra Mileage

Drivers tend to put more miles on their vehicles during the summer months. They travel more often and travel further distances. Both will lead to your tires wearing down faster. Putting extra miles on your vehicle during the summer is normal and is not a problem as long as the tires are properly maintained.

Keep in mind many other drivers are also taking to the roads more often, and that they have the potential to leave debris on the road. This means that in the summer months you can find more sharp or blunt objects in the road that can puncture or pop your tires. Higher numbers of animals can also be found near roadways during the spring and summer months, which pose a risk to your tires and the rest of your vehicle.

What You Can Do About It

The first step to preventing summertime tire issues is to keep quality tires on the vehicle. Every driver has the choice whether or not to purchase strong and durable tires for their vehicle. Choosing to buy cheap tires will increase your risk of premature wear, a blowout, or similar issues. Quality tires will be more heat resistant and will wear slower on the hot roads. Better tires made from stronger rubber will also be able to handle bumps and objects in the road.

The second step is making sure that your tires are properly maintained at all times. This includes being inflated to the correct pressure, rotated regularly, and being protected from sun and moisture rot when parked. For more help selecting, replacing, and maintaining your tires, contact your local tire professionals at Jem GRIP auto and tire care. Call or come in to see the top selection of quality new tires in your area, and to schedule an appointment to inspect or replace your vehicle’s current tires.


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